Site Delivery Reports

We subcontract to a number of design and management companies, all of who are repeat customers. Here are some examples of site delivery reports from our customers.

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Greggs Putney - No defects. Very professional outfit. Quality was good.

Greggs Lytham Clifton Street - No defects. Quality was excellent.

Greggs Hornchurch - No defects. Quality was brilliant. PPE was good. Very smooth, easy job.

McDonalds Caernarfon - Above and beyond on quality. PPE was great. Attention to detail is really good. Know what they are doing and get on with it. Site Manager would like to work with them again.

McDonalds Peterborough - No defects. In and out before SM knew it. Quality was great - they know the job well. Great plumbers.

Eat Gordon Street - Came in and got on with the job. Have a good attitude. PPE was okay.

Eat Sauchiehall Street - Quality was good first time. Housekeeping was good. PPE was fine.

Greggs Manchester Arndale - Really good job. SM enjoys working with them, never has a problem. Quality was really good. No defects.

Greggs Paddington - Very good job. No reminders on PPE. Quality was really good.

Greggs Dartford - No defects. Consistently good as usual. SM thinks they are the best. Quality was excellent.

Makro Charlton - Fantastic - come in and get on with the job. Know the way that we work and what we expect. Very easy to work with. Very helpful.

Makro Croydon - Know what they are doing. Really organised. PPE was good.

Makro Enfield - Consistently good. Simply get on with the job. Quality was great. PPE was good.

Makro Park Royal - Did a really good job. PPE was acceptable.

Greggs South Harrow - All contractors worked really hard to complete on time - it was a really tight schedule. Went above and beyond. Were very flexible in helping out, as programme caused a few problems. Quality was really good.

Greggs Cheapside - Did a really good job. Quality was excellent.

Makro Norwich - Really knew what they were doing. The quality was brilliant. No reminders needed on PPE. Minor job but was completed really well.

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